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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Lance. I'm a 22 year old boy from Texas. I don't post a ton on my blog, I don't like to overload your dash, so don't worry about floods, I just post once or twice a day.

Hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to message me, I love meeting new people. :3

Maids a Milkin'

Anonymous asked: Did you at one point dress as Prince Philip from sleeping beauty?

Yes I did haha

Tangled horns print

Only 14 left, inbox me if interested :)


Art night

See ya soon New Orleans

  • New Year's Eve is gonna be messy : )

Pokemon XY friendcodes?

I would like to friend safari you :D


Thanks for letting me draw ya :)

Bird Cage (Framed) by Quality Art Auctions at Gilt ›

Wow my favorite artist of all time. Signed prints being sold. Can’t afford.

Literally sobbing at work. 

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