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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Lance. I'm a 22 year old boy from Texas. I don't post a ton on my blog, I don't like to overload your dash, so don't worry about floods, I just post once or twice a day.

Hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to message me, I love meeting new people. :3

Maids a Milkin'


Vine by Kenzie Nimmo

Be still my heart

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I get irrationally offended when people don’t line up to take the parking spot I leave at a store.

When will my señorita return

Greetings from Mexico

Who is in playa del Carmen??

I’m bound to know someone here

Anonymous asked: Hi, I love your work! I was just wondering, what do you use to colour your Rethink Fashion Art drawings with? I really like the Powerpuff girls one! THANKS A BUNCH!

Thanks so much! I use tombow markers and prisms color markers with a tiny bit of colored pencil on top!



Every time I’m in a car

When he puts his finger in his ear at the end I die.

Always here to make ya smile ;)

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Every time I’m in a car

Feels so good to be behind a pencil

I feel like I’ve lost touch with my followers.

Tell me the following three things, I need to learn more about you!

Whats the last TV show you watched

What song is stuck in your head


What are you doing this saturday?

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