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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Lance. I'm a 22 year old boy from Texas. I don't post a ton on my blog, I don't like to overload your dash, so don't worry about floods, I just post once or twice a day.

Hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to message me, I love meeting new people. :3

Maids a Milkin'

Lana was amazing tonight

Anonymous asked: Lance do you have any tips on surviving finals? I'm dying :(

Aw I remember the pain! 

If you have test finals– DONT STAY UP LATE TO STUDY. Cramming is worse when you lose sleep, it’s better to cram– then sleep– then review the information in the morning. It will help you drastically. 

I also did flashcards when I needed to memorize. There’s a really cool flashcard app (I’ll look it up and post in a bit) that has pre made flashcards for college finals at different schools. Works well for core classes that have lots of students!

If you have project finals– Staying up late might be a necessity. Make sure to take care of yourself. I used to eat granola bars every few hours to make sure I could stay awake, the grain would give me longer boosts of energy and the sugar would help with the short term. Just make sure if you’re losing sleep don’t drive, cause it’s as bad as driving drunk.

All in all remember your grades don’t define you, and when you graduate very few employers look at GPA’s. <3 You are more than your test scores. 

Anonymous asked: Did you at one point dress as Prince Philip from sleeping beauty?

Yes I did haha

Tangled horns print

Only 14 left, inbox me if interested :)


Art night

See ya soon New Orleans

  • New Year's Eve is gonna be messy : )

Pokemon XY friendcodes?

I would like to friend safari you :D


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